Our brand ngāwari means “simplicity” in Māori and that is why it is based around simple clothing designs and accessories.


A little bit about me and how ngāwari was created;

My name is Nikita and I was born in Masterton, New Zealand. I moved to Melbourne with my family when I was 10, I have 3 kids Tane, Evie & Aston.

After I had Aston I was diagnosed with severe anxiety. I struggled to get back to a healthy mindset but after lots of counselling and soul searching I am happy to say I am almost back to who I was before all of this! 

Fast forward to September 2022 I was gifted a Cricut from my sister because I was not able to find happiness and passion in anything I was doing. I have always loved being creative but was just making things for my kids, niece and nephew which sparked a desire to turn this simple hobby into something more. 

After lots of sleepless nights and back and forth I took the leap and now we are here! 

"Anxiety is apart of me..but it is not who I am and I hope my new found positivity shines through to anyone who comes across us" 


With love Nikita & The Team at ngāwari designs x